Enter my wild pop art abstract fantasy world of color and altered reality.

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Portfolio #1

Marianne Dow Art Photography ~ Abstract Photos ~ Prints Available

Do you want photos that will create a buzz? That make a creative statement on your walls?

You'll get a 'WOW!' from all who view these fantasy florals and other wordly takes on nature and design. The abstract shapes created in these photos present an altered reality, one that is truly unique. 

Marianne Dow's style of art photography is a wild new take on pop art. Her quirky abstract fantasy worlds, full of color, are sometimes impressionist, painterly, exotic, symbolic, even a little weird. They will hypnotise and entrance you.

 "I love the ''other-worlds'' and alternate realities I find deep in my photos with my experimental editing. Come with me, and we'll explore the colorful UNreality in my art photography projects. I love bright vivid colors, and wild designs. I'm creating Pop Art Pixels that turn reality into abstract, impressionist, painterly, and unique interpretations of my world."

They will make an impact on your walls, and your mind.

For art collectors, for home or office.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints -- Ready To Hang.

Giclee Art Prints -- for you to frame.

Aluminum or acrylic mounted prints -- float mounted and ready to hang.

All professionally printed with archival inks.

Go to one of my Gallery Shops to order prints:

Gallery Shop #1
Gallery Shop #2
Gallery Shop #3

I have these 3 Gallery Shops because each printer offers you a different mix of frame and mat styles, many print sizes, and substrates (what the prints are printed on: paper, canvas, acryllic, aluminum, etc., including gift cards.) 

While each shop has mostly same images, there are a few photos that don't make it to all three.

Each of my Gallery Shop sites handles it's own orders, payment processing, printing and shipping. They all offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Prints from Gallery Shop #1 can now be ordered directly from this webpage -- see below. [Note: This Gallery Shop is my newest, and it does not have very many images yet, so be sure to check the other 2 Gallery Shops via the links above.]

Any questions, just email me @

Go to my FotoBlog for all the social/fun stuff, and to see zillions more unique photos.



Now you can order prints directly from my Gallery Shop #1 right here on this page:


Newest Prints Available in my Gallery Shop


Now my art photos are available on gorgeous big 20x20 throw pillows. 100% cotton and REVERSIBLE, with a different photograph on each side.

See them in my Zazzle shop called PERKY PILLOWS.

P.S. - I am also an Antiques Dealer

P.S. - I am also an Antiques Dealer
Visit my antiques blog, 'TIQUE TALK at